Gallery of Work

Horizon Art Glass can handle any job from a single custom piece to an entire house or commercial space. We have recently worked on several large homes. Here are some photos from a few of the jobs.

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  1. We are looking for something different. A flat circular glass diffuser for a largish hanging lamp/chandelier – Mission style. It should be approximately 16″ diameter with a center hole to fit over the brass rod that holds the whole thing together. The glass diffuser is sandwiched between two round brass plates about 2-1/2 inches in diameter, secured by a bolt fitting that screws onto the central brass rod..

    The six glass panels that make up the main parts of the hexagonal pyramid shape of the fixture are glass similar to the striated (marbelized?) rose-colored panels is in your stained glass window – Except that the panels in the lamp shade are shades of ivory-cream.
    Rather than using frosted or clear glass, we thought that glass similar to the outside panels would look better. ???

    Are you able to fabricate such a round diffuser? The edges could be finished or placed in a bronze metal bezel. (The metal on the chandelier is antiqued bronze finish.)

    Looking forward to hearing from you. We are local to your Pasadena facility. Thank you.

  2. Good afternoon,

    I have 2 small cabinet doors that I wanted to reframe with glass. Can you give me a price if Im able to give you the measurments?

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